Basic configuration

After installation you will be presented with the configuration dialog below,


If you require to play music stored on your PC then ensure the "Use this computer" and "Play local music" are checked and that the folder holding music is set correctly.

If you have a Spotify premium account then enter your account and password. If you are simply using MyFi Music Player to play local music then you do not need a Spotify account so uncheck the "Use spotify account" check box.

Enter a title for the installation. This will appear as the title of the tab page if you are using a tabbed browser.

Finally press the "Start" button to start the web server. When the service indicator turns green you are up and running with "MyFi Music Player".

You can use it from a browser by using the URL that is contained in the "Local url" text box. This will typically be,


if using port 80, or


if using a port number other than 80.


  • Starting the web server operation can take up to a minute especially if this is the first time the program has been installed.
  • Once the web server is started you can exit the configuration dialog. The web server will now start automatically whenever the PC is turned on.

Using your phone or tablet as a remote control

If you have a local WiFi network in your house and a smart phone with a browser then you can use your phone as a remote control.

The web interface has been optimised for use on mobile and will work with most browsers in use today (iOS, Android etc.). To use your phone as a remote control simply enter this url

http://<IP address of PC>:<portnum>/MusicServer

and bookmark it for future use.

The address of your PC will be a 4 numbers separated by periods and will usually start with 192.168.0.


  • The PC must have a fixed IP address on your local network. To see how to do this please visit this guide here or search the internet as there are numerous other guides and youtube videos about how to to this.

Streaming music to your phone or tablet

Local music can easily be streamed to your phone or tablet if they have a suitable player that is compatible with ".m3u" files. For Android devices simply download the free app ServeStream from the android market place. For iPhone and iPad users there is built-in support for streaming using the built-in Safari browser.

Streaming is accomplished by using the web-interface (see section above) and using the Icon button available when viewing a playlist.


Using the system on multiple PCs

If you have multiple PCs on your network then you can install MyFi Music Player on each one and nominate a single PC to hold all of your music. This way you can store and catalogue all of you music centrally and play it on any PC that has MyFi Music Player installed and also stream music to any phone or tablet on your local network.

To set the installations up in this way you must nominate one PC as the main music server that holds all of the music files. This PC will need to be on all of the time.

Set this installation with "Playlist server" set to "Use this computer" and the folder set to point to where the music is stored.

For all other installations set "Playlist server" to "Use another computer running MyFi Music Player" and set the correct ip address and port number of the music server PC.

To check you have the correct address you can use the "Test" button to ensure each client PC can talk to the music server.


If after you press the start button you get an error message and the service indicator remains red then there is a problem. Typical errors are:-

  • The port chosen is in use by another process (this will be the case if there is another web server running on your PC such as Apache or ISS). In this case try another port such as 8080 or 8090 and try again.
  • If provided, the Spotify username and password are wrong.
  • If using another PC to serve music ("Playlist server" set to "Use another PC running MyFi Music Player"), the address of the music server is wrong. Use the "Test" button to see if this is the case.
  • Use the "View logs" button and see if the log contains any error messages.
  • If all else fails please feel free to contact me at rob "@" myfimusic.co.uk.
  • Happy listening!